Digital insights that take the contact center off hold.

Understand the drivers of digital friction so you can improve customer empathy and contact center efficiency.

A strong connection to your customer support initiatives.

Get faster insight into customers’ web support issues.

Real-time insights and session replay help you learn what customers experienced prior to contacting support.

Increase efficiencies between contact center and tech teams.

Enable agents and tech teams to view and recreate the digital experience.

Prioritize the drivers that reduce call volume.

Understand the root cause of cases resulting from digital friction, how many are affected and what it might be costing your business.

“Today we are seeing improvements in our agent’s ability to better understand our customers. Quantum Metric allows us to go into the customer’s session and actually see what error they encountered to quickly pinpoint the issue and solution.”

Brad Bossenbroek
Operations Program and Knowledge Management at Western Union

“Quantum Metric has been amazing with real-time data as well as revenue opportunity data that helps us prioritize our actions. The different connectors Quantum Metric has makes it useful for our customer care and CX teams to understand the issues the customers are facing and help them in the best way.”

Hasnene Goulam
Senior Analytics Manager at Vista

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