Product insights that trade backlogs for transformation.

Ship customer-centric updates and new features with speed and confidence.

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Power up your product team.

Simplify product discovery.

Discover how users engage with your products by leveraging session replay and rich behavioral data to help you drive decision making.

Less firefighting, more hot quantified opportunities.

Quantify every aspect of the user experience and utilize automated monitoring to identify opportunities and prioritize backlog items.

Proactively improve the customer experience.

Surface both friction and improvement opportunities so that you can balance your work and not lose the focus of continuous improvement.

Quantum Metric is a goldmine for defining opportunities, whether big or small, and helping us validate and replicate issues to quickly address fixes in the next product iteration.

Ronnie Varghese
VP of Digital Product, Seera Group

Continuous Product Design means feedback. Feedback at the ideation stage, feedback when creating a product, and feedback once you've launched.

Anshuman Singh
Director of Shop, Buy, and Ancillary Product, American Airlines

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