Going On A Cookie Diet?

Your ad costs will skyrocket as Chrome cookies crumble.

Cookies are crumbling, now what?

Understanding how to navigate without third-party cookies will be critical. While this update is a shift to protect user privacy, it may also drive up the ad costs for any organization with a less-than stellar customer experience. Without third-party data, advertisers will have a higher burden to maximize every engagement on every campaign.

Quantum Metric: the cookie cutter.

Using a continuous product design (CPD) platform enables you to spend less to win customers back, keep them engaged and loving your brand. Quantum Metric is the CPD platform that helps you cut through the dough of third-party data to elevate user experience when every first impression counts, and every micro-conversion matters.

Serve fully baked experiences!

All is not lost. While third-party cookies are going away, the first-party cookies that the Quantum Metric platform leverages to discover and quantify revenue opportunities appear to be here to stay. Complete the form to learn more and we’ll contact you with a plan to navigate this change in your organization.

Quantum Metric gives us the ability to make decisions that have an immediate and direct impact on revenue.

Ishan Parikh

AVP Digital Strategy & Analytics, Canadian Tire Corporation


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