See why customers don’t convert faster.

At Quantum Metric,
we care about your conversions.

There’s always a reason why your customers don’t convert faster – but understanding it requires a perfect balance
of data and understanding.

Customer experience leaders don’t just choose Quantum Metric to increase converstion rates. They choose us to help them harness empathy, engineering, and insight. You need to monitor what matters, which is why our platform gives you the visibility to instantly identify customer friction points and fix them with ease.

Shoppers are expecting great digital experiences and omni-channel offerings. Successful retailers will be those that can accurately track multi-platform customer journeys, provide opportunities for personalisationsed and digital experiences that exceed consumer expectations, which is why we do everything, all in one place

Empathise, identify, resolve and convert.

Correlate UX with conversion.

Combine insights for your cross-channel customer journeys, desktop and mobile app, including session replay for native and hybrid apps – all in one platform.
Customers expect a seamless omni-channel shopping experience. Our powerful UX analysis tool helps you to discover and optimise friction points, even if customers are just browsing.

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Real time, all the time.

When it comes to conversion, you need to act fast. Faster analytics with real time, automatic alerts and a stack-ranked list of top conversion blockers can all make the difference between success and failure. Track every click, tap and scroll, without extra engineering resources.

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Compare conversion by
inbound channels.

Empathy and experience data should be polar opposites – but at Quantum Metric, we know that great conversion needs both. That’s why our platform helps you visualise the customer journey, track content engagement and easily segment by campaign or referrer.
Compare conversion by inbound channels and apply this data to understand how successful your campaigns are, and which are driving the greatest ROI.

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Relate content engagement with conversion.

Our tracking tag can be deployed in minutes to ensure faster alignment with your tech teams and easy integration with application performance monitoring. Quickly find the link between content engagement with conversion to prioritise page layouts, and gain deeper insight into customer behaviours.

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One platform, multiple capabilities.

Trade abstract analytics for actual answers with better visibility over your journey analytics, session replay, heatmaps, friction detection and more. With fully customisable dashboards, configurable permissions, and custom tracking, you can stay agile – with ultimate flexibility.

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At Quantum Metric, we know that customer centricity is the key to faster conversations.

We care about your conversions, and we know you do too. Finding out where customers are dropping off is only the beginning, which is why we designed our platform to take you deeper. Better understand customer behaviours, journeys and friction points with complete visibility and flexibility over your e-commerce operations.

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