Uncover usability issues that impede conversion

The digital team at Carhartt has saved days if not weeks or more in identifying conversion-blocking usability issues on its site.


“Before Quantum Metric, we always initially assumed our errors were code-based. But we found that sometimes it can simply be a confusing user experience,” said Donavan Marchywka, Director of Digital Solutions at Carhartt.

“For example, customers were submitting that they could not ship to PO boxes. We have a checkbox for PO box addresses on our checkout page, but it turns out the design was confusing. Quantum Metric replays showed that it was not a clear option to click on. We could have dug through our logs forever looking for a technical problem, but with Quantum Metric we understood it was simply a usability issue.”


Watch a 2-minute demo video of this use case:

Use Case Conversion optimization, UX improvement
Team E-commerce, UX
Industry Retail

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