Getting digital insights as an executive doesn’t have to be hard.

June 30, 2022 By: Adam Stewart

The life of an executive is hectic, to say the least.  When the responsibility of everything from customer experience and brand to strategic vision and bottom-line financials falls on your shoulders, the days are packed with meetings, messages, and massive decisions. 

Of course, this doesn’t discount the teams of experts knocking out the functional work across the business, ensuring execution on those strategic plans. Still, that leaves execs sifting through reports and hustling for updates to deliver at the next board presentation. 

They need all of the answers, but rarely have the time to explore their digital sites, dive into data, and understand their customers completely. This leaves a predictable disconnect between those strategic decisions and the actual data on customer behavior and experiences. 


When needs and schedules compete. 

Giving up board meetings and 10-K/10-Q reporting might sound nice, but they aren’t realistic paths to gaining that deeper understanding. Similarly, diving into software like Quantum Metric every day—though it holds key customer-driven answers—is just not often accessible in the exec schedule logjam.  

In fact, helping busy executives get direct customer insights to supplement the data and recommendations from their teams is a big reason we built Quantum Metric Visible. 


Immediate digital insights from Quantum Metric Visible.

Quantum Metric’s Visible delivers access to top metrics of customer behavior right from your website in a browser plug-in. You can see the data that matters most, including page metrics, heatmaps, scrolling activity, engagement, conversion data, clicks and taps, and more. This information is all available through a single click of a bookmark right in your browser window. 

And if you want to explore more, Visible can be a gateway to dive into the full Quantum Metric platform.


How Visible helps executives and senior leaders.

We are in a time of information overload. From a barrage of emails to countless solutions providing data, reports, and information about business, it’s hard to get a handle on everything. 

As a result, executives are left getting briefed from teams, looking at reports and outputs, and making those critical decisions often without the time to get that first-hand experience and customer information. 

But with Quantum Metric’s Visible, executive leaders can easily gain:

  • Immediate information from your own website—anytime, anywhere. In 30 seconds, executives can hop onto their website, click the Visible bookmark and see the heatmaps of user activity right on their laptop. They can look at conversion data to see which digital page elements, products, links, or forms are getting activity – and which ones might need some attention.
  • The opportunity for first-hand investigation. Want to dive deeper? From Visible, executives can jump directly into the Quantum Metric platform to explore more details about a specific metric or insight.   
  • Alignment from the top down, bottom up, and every which way. With every role, every team, and every part of the organization working off of the same data, silos are broken down in favor of efficiency, clarity, and collaboration. This helps ensure accountability and awareness for top leadership. 

That’s how Visible drives awareness of the digital customer experience across the organization. The top level data is easy to digest, simple to navigate, and beneficial for understanding customer behavior. It gives that quick snapshot into the deeper data that Quantum Metric provides for all of the teams under executive management (in an executive summary, if you will). 

Heatmaps of user activity on webpage with Quantum Metric Visible
See user activity in your browser with Quantum Metric Visible.

Start getting answers, easily.

Learn more about how Quantum Metric can help you visualize customer journeys by watching a demo, or by viewing the Visible overview video.  

If you are a current Quantum Metric customer and want to learn more, reach out to your customer success team member to get the most out of Quantum Metric, or visit the Quantum Metric Community.

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