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How Quantum Metric listens to feedback for continuous improvement.

September 19, 2022 By: Adam Stewart

Taking customer feedback to heart—it’s not always easy, is it?

With Continuous Product Design, or CPD, we can get a look at the customer experience from every possible data point: customer behavior, errors and deadends, direct customer feedback, and more. Then, we can take the information from these continuous feedback loops to improve the customer experience, the business, and the teams working on the products.

For now, let’s zero in on direct customer feedback.

When customers share their pain points, what ails their journey, or even what they find awesome about your website, mobile app, or product, that’s an opportunity to improve. As you collect that feedback over time, you’ll gather solid insights towards what works best for your customers. Better yet, you can show them directly that you not only listen but act to help them.

This direct, Voice of Customer feedback is massive for your business. But, it’s only impactful if you collect that information, analyze it, and, most importantly, act on it with your customers in mind. And that goes for direct-to-consumer and B2B brands alike.

How Quantum Metric uses client feedback to drive improvements.


Here at Quantum Metric, client feedback is a key pillar in our continuous improvement. From our website to the Quantum Metric platform, we collect customer feedback and all other critical behavioral metrics to drive real changes that benefit our customers, solve their challenges, and make for better experiences.

For example, a key piece of feedback from our customers was that they wanted the ability to integrate Quantum Metric more fully into their website. While they appreciated everything Quantum Metric enabled them to do, they felt they were missing essential insights from their website’s product pages that would allow them to make changes on the fly.

Taking this feedback, we built and released Quantum Metric Visible in early 2022 to solve this problem and allow customers to bring insights and behavioral data to the forefront.

But how do we gather this feedback for big-impact releases like the one above? There are a few different ways.


NPS and in-product feedback.

In the Quantum Metric platform, customers can give direct feedback, where the support, account, and product teams can analyze and act on specific commentary—both good and bad. In addition, automated NPS scoring gives customers the chance to highlight what impacts them the most when using the Quantum Metric platform.

Customer team conversations. 

From sales to account management, our customers have key contacts who are ready to ensure their Quantum Metric experience delivers a positive investment. These are the best times to collect customer feedback, gather insights for product improvement, and focus efforts on what matters most to customers.

Missing the opportunity to use key customer contact points to act on feedback, or only acting when there is an urgent support ticket, would be a critical gap in any CPD-focused process. When you see opportunities to positively impact multiple customers, you show the customer’s experience matters.


Voice of Customer checks. 

Connecting with customers at events, on-site visits, or occasional check-ins by a team over customer experience is critical. It’s a chance to get unbiased feedback about the good, the bad, and what matters most to the customer. It’s easier for B2B organizations, for sure, but it’s an important part of the feedback loop here at Quantum Metric.

From those conversations, we can understand what is truly important to the client experience and prioritize actions, product improvements, and process enhancements to build a better relationship with our customers.


Win/Loss analysis.

Understanding the purchasing decision is critical, whether you sell to consumers or businesses. You need to know why you were lucky enough to be chosen, or what you could have done differently to earn their business. From surveys and web forms to in-depth interviews, win/loss analysis is a key part of the customer feedback process.

At Quantum Metric, we use our win/loss program to help enact process and product performance improvements, all to continuously adjust to an ever-changing market.


Customer feedback in action.

Collecting and analyzing all of the customer feedback is absolutely important. But it doesn’t turn into change unless you act on that feedback for improvement. Learn where to focus, learn where to improve, and learn the voice of your customers, each and every day.

It’s a big piece of the CPD story, and it’s one that we are constantly and consciously working on at Quantum Metric. That way, we can be sure that the product, process, and business improvements we make all go towards making a continuously better experience for our customers and their organizations.

Interested in learning more about Continuous Product Design? Join us for a live demo of the Quantum Metric platform to learn more about the technology we’re iterating to address our customer’s needs.


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