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Seera Group gains full lifecycle product discovery.

The leading provider of diverse travel and tourism services in the Middle East and North Africa region partnered with Quantum Metric to validate the resources invested in digital optimization efforts.






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26% conversion rate increase on product launch.

Aligned product team and developers.

Reduced time to release next best iteration.

Fare calendar product launch and iteration.

Seera Group had discovered that the users on their consumer travel websites were adjusting their search parameters to identify the best fit in terms of price and flight and abandoning if they could not find the most affordable option. 

So, the team developed a detailed fare calendar feature to enable their customers to compare flight price options depending on departure and return dates, as well as other filters.

Throughout the development and launch of the calendar, the team used Quantum Metric

to measure and track customer interactions. “Our Fare Calendar launch was a great example of full lifecycle product discovery and, once launched, Quantum Metric was a key platform to help us assess how customers were actually using it and where we could improve the product. It helped us validate the time and effort we invested in building the massively complex caching mechanism needed to store and filter by both airline and fares,” said Ronnie Varghese, VP of Digital Product at Seera Group.


  • With Quantum Metric, the team discovered that if every cell in the table loaded a price, instead of some cells saying ‘click to show price,’ it increased conversion rate by 26%.
  • The visibility of customer interactions via Quantum Metric’s session replay helped align internal development priorities and reduced the time to release the next best product.

“Quantum Metric is a goldmine for defining opportunities, whether big or small, and helping us validate and replicate issues to quickly address fixes in the next product iteration.”

Ronnie Varghese /VP of Digital Product

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