Unleash speed, clarity, and action with our streamlined digital analytics platform.

Monitor key touchpoints, quickly diagnose issues, and optimize digital journeys to accelerate growth and build customer loyalty.

digital analytics platform

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Digital analytics encompasses web and native app analytics, product analytics, experience analytics, and journey analytics, empowering businesses with a clear, quantifiable vision for optimizing the digital customer experience.

the future of digital analytics

Deliver digital customer value at an exponential rate.

Quantum Metric’s digital analytics platform helps your teams meet customer needs while focusing on delivering the highest business impact.

Monitor key journeys, new releases, and entire applications.

One-click friction quantification.

Prioritize digital opportunities.

Optimize customer journeys and features.

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digital analytics solution
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Product analytics

Simplified product analytics tools for effortless strategy.

The responsibility of the digital experience doesn’t lie solely with the product teams, so why limit insights to specialized experts? Quantum Metric’s product analytics simplifies the complexity of digital and kickstarts team actionable insights by providing industry-based guides right out of the box. Automatically capture behavioral and technical data securely and in real time—so digital teams can prioritize effectively, optimize digital journeys, and actively resolve issues.

Experience analytics

Delight customers with comprehensive experience analytics.

With key features like friction detection and session replay as the .foundation to the Quantum Metric digital analytics tools, digital teams can address their critical needs easily. Align on customer needs faster with real-time monitoring and friction identification, effortless quantification of business impact, and insights that cater to business, product, and technical teams.

Customer journey analytics

Chart the course to satisfaction with customer journey analytics.

Seamlessly transition from journey visualizations to contextual session replays, while conveniently enriching any offline data source with actionable omnichannel insights. For instance, pairing call center data with digital session data lets you identify events that lead to customer calls. Quantum Metric enables you to genuinely comprehend customer struggles, quantify the extent of these struggles, and understand their business impact.

Web analytics

Comprehensive web analytics for elevated digital transformation.

As one part of the overall platform, our web analytics solution provides real-time monitoring, friction detection, and optimization of all digital experiences, quantifying their impact on business KPIs, and delivering valuable insights to various teams—all while offering easy deployment, quick value realization, and high-fidelity session replays with minimal site performance impact.


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