Invest in digital-first experiences, see the returns.

Understand how clients use your digital products and services so you can increase acquisition, cross-sell, and self-service—all while maintaining data privacy and security.

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Digital insights unique to you.


Identify digital friction that is impacting your acquisition and retention goals.


Understand why insurance customers struggle in their journey.

Wealth Management

Build client-centric journeys and accelerate digitization goals.

Make your digital experience your biggest asset.

Minimize mobile friction.

Gain full visibility with real-time app insights for seamless digital journeys.

Empower customers, improve your contact center.

Diagnose issues faster and reduce hurdles for a better agent and customer experience.

Quantify feedback.

Connect direct feedback to digital friction and instantly size the impact across all customers.

Release new features confidently.

Understand performance, identify areas of improvement, and prioritize what's most important.

Quantum Metric provides a single source of truth around our customers' experience. All stakeholders can easily see and understand the impact of a problem and agree on solutions. Using Quantum Metric has genuinely brought our teams closer.

Steven Teo
Head of Innovation and Digital Controls at BMO

With Quantum Metric, we’re identifying issues faster and our mean time to resolution is reduced.

Nancy Hom
Sr. Manager, Monitoring (Retired)

Certified in data privacy and security.

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