Financial Services

Know where to invest in your digital experience for faster returns.

Reduce the complexity of gaining client insights to boost digital satisfaction, loyalty and share of wallet—all while maintaining data privacy and security.

Digital insights specific to you.


Instantly identify and address digital friction that’s impacting your acquisition, servicing, and retention KPIs.


Gain real-time understanding of policyholders' challenges in the quoting funnel to improve their journey.

Wealth Management

Navigate your client-centric journeys with empathy and understand how to accelerate digital first goals.

Make high-yield digital experiences your biggest asset.

Maximize visibility, minimize mobile friction.

Gain transparency with real-time app insights for seamless digital journeys.

Connect your agents to the digital experience.

Help contact center agents reduce escalation hurdles and diagnose customer experience issues faster.

Link customer feedback to digital friction.

Instantly size the impact of one customer’s struggle across all customers.

Release new features quickly and confidently.

Understand technical performance, identify areas of improvement, and prioritize what’s most important.

Capitalize on insights instantly.

From consumer banking to insurance and wealth management, skip the setup and start analyzing your digital experiences with pre-built dashboard templates.

Why Quantum Metric.

Deliver banking, insurance, and wealth management experiences clients love.

Monitor the right insights for web, mobile, and contact center.

Size the impact of a single issue.

Autocapture hundreds of customer signals.

Ensure privacy and security with automated configuration.

Certified in data privacy and security.