Travel & Hospitality

Serve unforgettable experiences with faster insights.

Grow revenue and loyalty with real-time visibility into customer behaviors, needs, and frustration so you know where to focus your efforts.

Digital insights unique to you


Improve self-service across the traveler journey.


Enhance direct booking, mobile check-in, mobile key, and in-stay experiences.

Online Travel Agents (OTAs)

Boost conversion for deals, search, and packages.


Optimize order flow and tracking for curbside, delivery, and pickup experiences.

Parks & Entertainment

Deliver a great guest experience, from ticketing to reservations.

Better customer journeys from start to finish.

Prioritize revenue-impacting opportunities.

Align teams on opportunities by key metrics, conversion impact, or revenue loss.

Proactively monitor customer journeys.

Resolve customer friction and quantify opportunities across mobile, desktop, and kiosk that will move the needle.

Enhance self-service and contact center.

Create experiences that increase customer satisfaction and efficiencies for agents and contact center operations.

Test and build with confidence.

Know what to test and build next by marrying qualitative and quantitative data.

Check-in directly to instant insights.

From booking flows to loyalty enrollment, gain insight into the traveler experience without delay with pre-built dashboard templates.

Why Quantum Metric.

Understand customer behavior, align business and technical teams, and maximize limited resources.

Monitor customer journeys in real time.

Capture 100s of customer and friction signals out of the box.

With one click, quantify the impact of friction or behavior.

Identify mobile app friction across the journey.