Unpack insights for smoother traveler journeys.

Gain real-time visibility into traveler behaviors, needs, and frustration so you know where to focus your efforts to win the booking.

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Digital insights unique to you


Improve self-service across the traveler journey.


Enhance direct booking, mobile check-in and in-stay experiences.

Online Travel Agents (OTAs)

Accelerate paths to search and book and drive ancillary revenue.

Better travel journeys from start to finish.

Proactively discover friction points.

Identify issues and opportunities across mobile, desktop, and kiosk that will move the needle.

Enhance self-service and contact center.

Create experiences that increase customer satisfaction and enable agents to reduce call handle time.

Turn direct feedback into immediate action.

Connect feedback to digital friction and instantly size the impact across all customers.

Make better bets.

Identify A/B testing opportunities and determine what to build next by marrying qualitative and quantitative data.

“Using Quantum Metric, our dev team managed to reproduce the problem instantly. It was fixed in hours. In this one insight, the Quantum Metric partnership paid for itself in less than a month.”

Kenny Chang
Executive VP and CMO of Korean Air

“Continuous Product Design means feedback. Feedback at the ideation stage, feedback when creating a product, and feedback once you’ve launched.”

Anshuman Singh
Director of Shop, Buy, and Ancillary Product at American Airlines