Travel and Hospitality

How do you ensure the guest experience online gives your best first impression? With real-time, quantified insights into UX and technical opportunities, you can stop the leaks and build better digital products.

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Quantum Metric enables travel and hospitality brands to

Increase conversion and revenue

Rapidly identify, quantify, and prioritize conversion blockers across your booking and upsell flows.

Reduce customer friction faster

Uncover UX or technical friction that has a negative impact on the guest experience and revenue.

Rapidly iterate digital products

Validate that new products have the intended impacts with real-time customer signals.

Alaska Airlines prioritizes digital wins across teams

Alaska Airlines enables call center agents to reproduce customers’ digital sessions instantly, escalate issues to helpdesk based on business impact, and reduce the engineering team’s mean time to resolve (MTTR).

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Use Quantum Metric to answer business questions such as

E-commerce and Product

  • What page elements are detracting or promoting conversion in this booking flow?
  • What is causing customers to fall out of adding ancillary products and what is the potential revenue lost?


  • Where does slow page load times impede bookings and by how much?
  • How much does this technical error actually impact the guest experience and conversion?


  • Is this customer complaint an isolated issue or should we escalate it to product and engineering?
  • How many other customers are having the same problem and how much is it potentially costing us in lost revenue?


Seera Group gains full product lifecycle discovery

The travel services company uses Quantum Metric to validate product testing and updates, ensuring that every release measures up to its intended impacts.

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We can support your major digital initiatives

Reduce Call Center Costs

Automatically uncover and quantify user friction that results in calls to the call center.


Ensure the success of major launches with deep and real-time customer insights before and after the switch.

Improve CX

Drive improvement to NPS/CSAT and validate CX ROI by quantifying the impact of customer feedback.

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