The New Wave of U.S. Holiday Shoppers

A guide to understanding what your customers need for an unpredictable shopping season.

The New Wave of US Holiday Shoppers

While 2020 changed shopping forever, the 2021 holiday season will be like nothing before.

Ecommerce has surged and with it consumer expectations for a flawless digital experience. Continued pandemic and supply chain challenges may be out of retailers’ control, but one thing they can affect is how customers engage and shop with their brand.

So what do consumers really want this holiday season? To answer just that, we polled 2,000 U.S. adult consumers on their feelings leading into the 2021 holiday season, and how they plan to shop. In this ebook, we unearth insights into how retailers can optimize their digital experience for:

  • The 64% of shoppers who will be more emotionally invested than ever
  • The 53% who plan to spend more than $1,000 on the holidays
  • The 25% who will do all their shopping from a mobile device
  • The 50% of shoppers who started shopping well before Black Friday
  • And many others

One of the biggest areas we’ve seen success with Quantum Metric is in our checkout funnel… we identified several issues where either the guest had issues inputting data, or the way the checkout was validating data was returning errors back to the guest… It’s been a multi tens of millions dollar impact for us.

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