Customer journey analytics to illuminate and elevate every path.

Quantum Metric’s journey analytics dives deep into every omnichannel touchpoint, enabling data-driven decisions rooted in comprehensive customer behavior. Boost engagement, inform redesigns, and enhance marketing campaigns with clear insights. Dramatically reduce abandonment while optimizing funnel conversions and craft tailored experiences by integrating both online and offline customer data.

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Navigate every step of the customer journey with precision.

Accelerate time to value.

Automatically capture, monitor, and optimize micro-journeys with our Atlas industry approach and tagless, real-time data capture.

Impact quantification.

Sankey charts and heatmaps that don’t just visualize customer journeys, but help you quantify impact and prioritize what’s next.

Real-time activation.

Personalize customer journeys by enriching audience data with real-time behavioral signals and friction indicators.

98% customer retention rate.

40% of global web traffic.