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Looking to Get Ahead in CPD?

July 29, 2021 By: Guest Author

~Written by Cheryl Nordyke, Enterprise Account Executive at Quantum Metric

We have become too accustomed to friction in organizational structures. So much so that even the notion that the marketing team can have the same view as the technology team seems like a fairytale. In conversations with some of the biggest brands in the US, we see the same challenges and team silos identified as “the way it is” or even the way it needs to be to keep the peace between departments. 

The reality is, friction is making a bigger impact on business revenue today than it was a few years ago. Expectations for digital experiences have been elevated over the last year. If a customer has a bad experience, they no longer care why, they simply take their  business elsewhere. No matter the industry, organizational friction limits businesses’ ability to assess and react to consumers’ needs, at the pace they demand.

Taking a Continuous Approach

As we resume working in offices, dining out, and traveling, enterprises need to align with the expected shifts in consumer behavior to optimize their digital experiences. Continuous Product Design (CPD) enables transparent cross-company data that empowers organizations to quickly respond to customer needs and innovate through a quantified approach to customer insights. 

When describing how CPD could remove organizational friction, I had a customer once reply, “This sounds like the Holy Grail.” She’s right, but unlike the holy grail, success through CPD isn’t unattainable. 

The road to a friction-free organization is found in the CPD maturity curve – taking organizations from a reactive business model, to a continuous one. To advance CPD practices, every organization should adopt these three habits:

Automated discovery 

When customers interact with your digital products, can you detect when they encounter friction or frustration automatically?  The value of data exists when it is actionable and as close to real-time as possible. Empower your teams to stay ahead of major challenges by implementing alerts and monitoring potential friction. 

Quantified Empathy

Are you able to quantify the impact of your digital journeys continuously?  This means going beyond NPS scores and quantifying empathy, collecting a real-time understanding of customers’ journeys, and identifying successful engagements. Create alignment across teams by sharing this data and identifying the goals that matter to your business. 

Customer-Centric Prioritization

How does your team prioritize projects and fixes? It’s important your organization takes a unified approach – building priorities around your customer helps to keep teams aligned. This builds a single version of the truth, where projects that will benefit your customers receive the most attention. 

Companies that adopt CPD improving cross company collaboration, even as they scale. When you implement continuous product design your resources will go further, your employees feel heard and your customers feel seen.

With restrictions lifting; businesses are tempted to take their foot off the digital gas. But digital isn’t going away.  Organizations that lean into CPD and fine-tune their digital journey will continue to elevate their culture and their customer experience.

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