Alerts for customer-centric teams.

While most alerting tools focus on infrastructure and backend performance, Experience Alerts focuses on the customer experience.

Experience Alerts in 60 seconds.

See how to proactively monitor how your customers are experiencing your application by alerting on aggregate behavior, frustration, and more. Oh, and we can alert on the technical stuff too.

One workflow, countless hours saved.

No need to dive into five other systems to understand what’s happening or how to prioritize it. From an email or chat alert, easily pivot into a segment analysis, opportunity analysis, and session replays.

Smart and accurate detection comes standard.

Done wrong, alerts become noise. Quantum Metric’s anomaly detection leverages behavioral data and historical benchmarking to ensure that when alerts trigger, it’s something worth looking into.

Ecosystem activation made easy.

Use an out-of-the-box webhook or build your own. Real-time triggers, customizable payloads, and pre-built integrations help you enrich your ecosystem and makes everyone’s job easier.

How teams use Experience Alerts.

IT Ops

Identify issues before they get to the call center by monitoring errors, failing APIs, app crashes and more.


Track down design impediments by alerting on anomalous levels of rage clicking, frustration, and more.


Monitor errors, impediments, or poor conversion performance on your checkout pages.

Site Performance

Alert on slow pages, failing APIs, frozen mobile UIs, and 404s across all digital properties.

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