Security as a Differentiator (Part 1): CES 2019 Takeaway

January 15, 2019 By: Jake Makler

This year’s Consumer Electronics Show did not disappoint in satisfying our insatiable hunger for flashy new tech. Whether it was a  roll-up television, an oven that shows you how to cook, or robot dogs that could be right out of a Black Mirror episode – the next couple years are promising some really amazing consumer innovations. One slightly less flashy trend that was visible throughout the conference was a renewed focus on security – from smart security devices to data on consumer security priorities. It is amazing to see in a world of AR, AI, ML and all the other two-letter acronyms how excited the crowd got when a physical keychain dongle for 2-factor authentication was unveiled!

The theme of Security was set early at CES when arriving visitors  were treated to a multi-story billboard from Apple very clearly reminding everyone that 2018 was the year of privacy scandals. Apple was very visibly trying to emphasize security as a competitive advantage, noting that flashy features are meaningless if consumers don’t trust companies to protect their data.

“2019 will be the year consumers will begin to vote with their wallets and seek out products that promise a higher level of security and data privacy.”

Here at Quantum Metric, we see this as great progress in the maturing of consumer expectations in the digital age. Consumer confidence in the security of their personal data is critical to continued progress as brands seek to deliver hyper-personalized experiences. We see a lot of parallels in this to the rise of our own category – Digital Experience Intelligence. Striking the balance between knowing enough to deliver great experience but not knowing so much that you become intrusive or lose consumer trust is critical to our business. In a series of blog posts, we are going to show you how we built Quantum Metric from the ground up with security in mind and created the first cloud product that can deliver on the promise of truly differentiated digital intelligence while controlling for the risks inherent in collecting data on the web.

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