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Finnair Holidays Use Case: Improving the Package Booking Flow

December 9, 2019 By: Dr. Marina Shapira

We recently hosted a great event in Helsinki along with our partners Tealium, the leader in real-time customer data orchestration solutions, and leading Nordic consultancy firm, Tieto. Attended by data, digital, and analytics professionals from leading Finnish brands, the theme of the event was ‘how real-time digital experience insights transform your digital business’–a topic right up our alley!

We were honored to have our customer Finnair present a relevant use case as part of the agenda. Janica Soppela, eCommerce Manager at Finnair Holidays, did a fantastic job outlining how they identified user struggle on the holiday package flow and created a business case to resolve the issue. As part of the presentation, she broke the example down into 4 stages:

Identifying struggle

Using Quantum Metric, Finnair Holidays immediately highlighted several areas of user struggle in the package booking flow. This included one where visitors were unable to find a package on the chosen dates due to a lack of flights during that range, but were simply  delivered a generic error message. Visitors were unaware that the issue was caused by filtering too narrowly and likely would be remedied by expanding the date or time range.

Screenshot 2019-11-27 at 13.08.23

Answering data-based questions

With the struggle identified, the team moved on to investigating the greater impact of the issues by asking relevant questions. For example, how often does the error happen? Or, which error has the biggest business impact? By answering these questions, the team was able to gain an understanding about which issues should be prioritized above others and where development efforts should be focused.

Resolving friction

With the supporting data in hand, the team quantified and prioritized the top identified issues and aligned on their resolution. The example above was resolved by redesigning the booking widget to include a calendar where availability is visualized for easy visitor understanding.

Finnair Holidays - Holiday Booking Use Case_FINAL

Continued testing & optimisation

Beyond identifying struggle, Finnair Holidays also incorporated Quantum Metric into their A/B testing and optimisation efforts to better understand usability and why certain tests were not performing as intended. They plan to continue to use the platform in future development projects to better understand the customer experience and other improvement opportunities.

Overall, the event was a success and the presentation was a great window into a customer use case. Interested in learning more of the details? Watch the presentation for yourself!

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