Google Cloud Next 2019: Delivering on Apple’s 1997 promise to “Think Different”

April 11, 2019 By: Mario Ciabarra

In 1997, Apple launched it’s new slogan and ad campaign: ‘Think Different.’ The campaign was not just about buying an Apple computer and ‘poof’ you think differently. It was about how thinking outside the box, like famous innovators and geniuses, can help to change the world.

Quantum Metric was recently honored to have our CEO and Founder speak onstage at Google Cloud Next ’19, and he focused on how the massive scale and power of BigQuery unlocks the freedom for companies to truly expand their thinking about data analytics. How can we empower enterprises at delivering their best on digital? One answer: by removing the barriers that prevent them from asking any question that they need to ask of their data.

Quantum Metric has first-hand experience with the challenges of data scale. In a single month, we handle:

  • Over 600 million sessions. That equates to about 300 million unique visitors which is about 1/9th of the internet.
  • 89 Billion HTTPS requests, which equals 1/5th the number of queries that Google Search handles in a given month.
  • 1.5 petabytes of network traffic, 0.5 petabytes of cloud storage, and over 14 petabytes of BigQuery analysis.

With the freedom of Google Cloud, companies can utilize machine intelligence to drive innovative actions. For example, Quantum Metric has used Google Cloud in 3 key use cases:

1. Query: Automate Issue Identification

Identify the root cause of website issues using massive scale BigQuery analysis to review thousands of suspect segments. In aggregating the behavioral data from users engaging with the website, we can understand what leads to under-conversion and automate discovery of issues and opportunities.

2. Scale: Raw Analysis

Using Cloud Functions, we have spun up tens of thousands of virtual CPUs with Chrome Headless to play back and analyze historical web traffic to understand, “when did this problem actually start happening?”

3. Data Security and Privacy

As we have noted before, the old way of capturing data relied on human configuration and thus has been susceptible to human error. Using Google’s Sensitive Data API, we ensure that all PII & PCI data is either masked or encrypted–establishing the highest standard of care for customer data.

Watch the full presentation below!


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