Introducing Quantum Metric Teams — a digital workspace for everyone

October 30, 2019 By: Trevor Pyle

When you have a robust platform that does a lot, some users might not know where to start.

That’s why we’re so excited to introduce Quantum Metric Teams!

Here’s a fun little video about Quantum Metric Teams. Watch it!

Many of our customers have over dozens if not hundreds of active users, across teams like product, engineering, IT ops, support, marketing, and UX. 

Quantum Metric Teams now gives our customers the ability to set up unique workspaces for different teams across the digital organization. Each team can have their own dashboards and data access, while admins can manage users, teams, and apply global filters based on customer segments — right in the UI.

The beauty in this is that your entire digital organization can “play from the same sheet of music” but each team can see data in the context of their day to day work. 

Why our customers love it

Seaworld rolled out Quantum Metric to over 20 different teams, spanning roles, regions, parks, and customer segments.

Each team has a unique workspace, with varying levels of access to dashboards, features, and data — allowing users to get in and get what they need more easily, all in service of giving Seaworld guests a great online experience as they plan their park visits.

Customize workspaces for every digital team

Rundown of benefits and capabilities
  • Simplify the Quantum Metric UI for users who only need access to some data or apps, like Product or UX
  • Give more technical users the “kitchen sink,” like Engineering or IT who need all the technical detail and diagnostic capabilities
  • Restrict data access for security and compliance
  • Allow admins to easily manage users, teams, and global segment filters in the UI

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