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Investing in Digital Innovators: Announcing our $25M in Funding

September 18, 2018 By: Mario Ciabarra

An Open Letter from Quantum Metric CEO, Mario Ciabarra

Over the past 3 years since starting Quantum Metric, our small but mighty and passionate team has created a powerful digital intelligence platform that delivers insights and data that allow our clients to become innovative heroes in their organizations.  To say that we have done a lot with very little is an understatement.  Today, however, I am very honored to announce that we have secured our $25M Series A from one of the most successful growth investors, Insight Venture Partners (past investments including Twitter, Docusign, Qualtrics, Gainsight, Newrelic, Shopify, and many more).

Data-driven excellence

We believe that we are in the early stages of a digital industry revolution that will change the way enterprises approach customer experience forever.  Modern digital businesses are facing a data overload from an overabundance of tools meant to simplify their work.  You should not have to employ an army of data scientists or waste hours of precious time combing through the data you need to manage your business. It should be easier… it can be, and I am proud to share that we are helping organizations from digital natives to Fortune 100s get there.

Quantum Metric is empowering a new generation of cross-functional teams, where Product, Marketing, and Engineering work together to discover, analyze, and align on what next project will make the largest impact to their business in real-time.  The end product of great analytics is not graphs, charts, and tables.  It is insights – insights that empower organizations to make holistic decisions for the business and their customers.  At Quantum Metric, I am proud of how our teams have made this discovery simple for our incredible customers around the world.

The funding road

Throughout the process of raising capital, it was far more important to me that I trusted and engaged with the people/company behind the investment rather than the number offered itself.  We sought investors that believed in our team and vision, had valuable insights into our market, and offered a talented team that could help us rapidly scale our company.  We took a careful approach in courting our various potential investors, and I couldn’t be happier with our decision to partner with Insight.  The team support we have already received has been phenomenal.

On top of the impressive groundwork our Quantum team has laid up to this point, the funding will help us tackle many goals, like:

  1. Building Awareness
    While we have worked hard to build our customer base as a new offering in the market, this funding represents validation of the category we are creating: Digital Intelligence Platforms. Along with this new category comes the challenge of educating and promoting not just Quantum Metric but also the gap that currently exists in the industry that we have uniquely been able to fill.
  1. Growing our Team
    In order to build, advocate, and support our efforts of disruptive innovation, we need to continue to cultivate a team of talented, diverse, and intelligent people that form the core of this company. The Series A provides us with the resources to recruit skilled individuals around the world and deliver an environment for them to flourish in—if you’re interested in making an impact here, we’re hiring.
  1. Developing Product Advancements
    As leaders in the industry, Quantum Metric will continue to enhance and expand our optimized product features and functionalities. We take pride in our powerhouse technology and we will put all of our energy toward ensuring we enable our customers to deliver exceptional experiences.

We could not have reached this milestone without the passion, persistence, and integrity (our core values) of every team member at Quantum.  I am thrilled to wake up each day as leader of this stellar team – where each team member feels more like family than work colleague.  A most sincere thank you to the team, for joining the Quantum Metric adventure, believing in our mission, and making each day I wake up loving what I do.  THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING YOU DO!

Finally, I have to thank our customers for trusting in us, growing with us, and helping to shape our product to be the leading platform it is today. We could not have reached this achievement without you and we will continue to look to you as our partners in this adventure.

Today we turn a page to the next chapter in our journey and I am beyond blessed to have a great team and clients that believe in what we are building!  For more information on this exciting funding announcement, see our release here.  

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