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Want to beat Amazon?

August 12, 2021 By: Grace Fipps

When digital customer experience is done right, retailers create deeper connections with their customers. It’s not just about fixing errors, but identifying opportunities to enhance how customers shop.

This is how retailers can compete with Amazon – focusing on innovations that not only look good, but provide real value for their customers. Here are a few examples of retailers we commend for going above and beyond to create lasting relationships with their customers.

Levi’s lets customers personalize their jeans.

levis customize

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Buying jeans has always been a time-consuming process. It takes hours to find a pair that fits, and is the right style or color. When brands such as Levi’s go out of their way to enhance this experience by making the process of buying jeans an enjoyable, personalized opportunity, it is a game-changer.

Levi’s Future Finish online shopping feature allows customers to choose their own pattern, wash, overdye, distress, back patch, and size. There is no longer the need to worry about finding the right size and style because Levi’s has enabled the customer to build their perfect pair of jeans. This is not just a cool feature, it shows Levi’s understands customer pain points and is focused on creating new value for shoppers.

Lululemon helps customers stay fit at home.

lululemon mirror

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Most people want to exercise regularly, but finding the time to go to the gym or space to workout at home can be a challenge. Lululemon understood this and provided a product that takes up limited space in the home and offers short workouts that fit into consumers’ busy schedules.

The Lululemon mirror functions as both a normal mirror and a workout board for virtual classes. The offering reflects Lululemon’s desire to support the needs of its customer base – even if it sits outside their traditional offerings.   

Carter’s gives support to new parents. 


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New parents can often find themselves with a lot to learn about raising kids and it can be difficult knowing where to turn for help. Carter’s found a new way to connect with their customers by creating a resource of advice for new parents.

Carter’s Live features celebrity hosts demonstrating Carter’s products on their own children. This allows customers to get a first-hand look at how to use certain products, while receiving helpful parenting tips. Carter’s Live is an innovative way of building a meaningful shopping experience for new parents – offering a closer look at products through the eyes of other new parents. 

American Eagle helps shoppers stay on-trend.


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Online shopping can be overwhelming. With so many options available on retail sites today, it can be hard to figure out where to start.  American Eagle helps customers through this process by providing a board on their homepage that features trending styles and suggestions for how to wear them.

This page includes details on the latest trends and links to feature products on American Eagle’s site. With a Pinterest-like approach to the latest fashions, customers can easily browse for the latest items. This creates a more enjoyable experience and helps American Eagle to build brand loyalty with shoppers.  


David’s Bridal provides a guide for their customers.


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Planning a wedding is overwhelming – never mind trying to find the perfect dress. With some many styles, fits, designs and stores to choose from, future brides can feel lost trying to find something that best represents them. 

David’s Bridal helps customers navigate their dress shopping journey by providing a free downloadable guidebook. An educational resource for future brides, the guide includes  top trending styles to help customers decide which look would suit them best. 


Sam’s Club applies efficiency and trust to the shopping experience.


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Grocery shopping can turn into a hassle when a quick trip is slowed down by lines at the register. A good shopping experience can quickly turn sour, as customers’ frustration grows with each minute. Sam’s Club found a solution to this by introducing the Sam’s Club Scan & Go app.

Using the app customers scan product barcodes as they shop, pay on the app, and have their receipt scanned as they leave the store. No need to wait in line at the register. This  makes the grocery shopping experience easier and faster. The Scan & Go feature gives power back to the customer to be self-sufficient and establishes a trusting relationship between Sam’s Club and their members.

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Target assists parents with ideas for children’s activities.


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Parents with young children, especially during the pandemic, struggle to keep their children occupied and entertained. Target found a way to make things a little easier for parents, bundling products with new ideas of how entertain their children. 

Options in this section of the Target website include ideas for themed activities, new games or hobbies. This type of personalization shows Target cares about its customers and is focused on creating a meaningful experience.

These retailers understand the needs of their consumers, have provided innovative ways to create more meaningful experience. To sum it up, personalization is key. If retailers want to out-pace the likes of Amazon, they need to focus on the changes that can make online shopping more memorable. 

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