Increase conversions and usability

Upgrade your customer experience seamlessly

Optimizing conversion and usability is the target of customer user experience software. Understanding how users use your site is critical. While video-quality replay helps understand individual users, looking at aggregate behavior patterns can be very helpful on improving your digital presence.

Form analytics

On most sites, one or more forms are a barrier to conversions. Understanding form KPI's at the form and field level can help increase form performance and customer conversion. With Quantum Metric, you'll have insight into underperforming forms, view detailed aggregate information, as well as instantly view how each user interacted with a particular form via replay.

See video-quality replay for more details.

Automatic analysis

Quantum Metric automatically informs you and provides insight into the dollar cost of forms that are underperforming or causing user struggle.

Drop off by field

What fields are making your customers leave? Quickly fix fields that are preventing conversion.

Fill time by field

When drilling down into a form, determine which fields customers are struggling to complete.

Fields refilled/errored

Fields often refilled can be too vague or confusing.

Fields left blank

Simplify forms by removing fields that are not used.

Form completion time

Discover forms that are taking too long.

Simple configuration, automatic analysis. It just works.