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May 16, 2022

airasia Super App builds even more people-centric experiences with Quantum Metric partnership

Post by: Lori Niquette

17th May, 2022, London, UK – The airasia Super App, ASEAN’s fastest growing digital travel and lifestyle platform is partnering with Quantum Metric to help build the best possible customer experiences across its web and app services.  The airasia Super App  will be using the Quantum Metric platform across its entire range of digital products, taking cues from customer behaviour to guide and help prioritise product development.

Quantum Metric, the pioneer of continuous product design, has been brought on board to provide the airasia Super App with the scalability that is needed to handle its rapidly expanding business. It was chosen based on its ability to work on the native app as well as web, the scope of its features and the opportunity for use across multiple business units within the company.

Pablo Sanz, Chief Technology Officer at airasia Super App commented, “We have evolved way beyond our original function of being just an airline and selling our own flights online, but our core vision as a super app platform now remains the same; ‘putting people at the heart of everything we do’.  Our business now has much of its core proposition firmly based around digital services, largely operated from the airasia Super App. Combining  a strong focus on people with app development meant we needed a suitable partner with the same mindset, and we are pleased to be doing this with Quantum Metric.” 

The Quantum Metric platform tracks the  experience and journey customers have on the airasia Super app and its website, without capturing any personally identifiable information (PII) data. It links into Google Big Query data and provides detailed analysis of patterns of behaviour across the different airasia channels.  This way, Quantum Metric can highlight where improvements in the customer experience can be made, as well as highlighting in real-time any errors that occur for proactive fixing.  Quantum Metric can also give a potential financial value of each improvement or fix, based solely on how customers want to behave, thus helping to prioritise each iterative piece of development.

Alex Thomson, VP of Quantum Metric  commented, “Recent years have seen airasia turn into something of a groundbreaking business. Many airlines have been expanding purchase options to include ancillaries, car hire, and more. The airasia Super App has gone much further, incorporating  food delivery, ride-hailing services and even personal finance in its list of services available. With such a wide range of offerings in one place, they must have the right level of visibility and  understanding of both how and why customers are using their services. That’s where we step in.”


About Quantum Metric

As the pioneer in Continuous Product Design, Quantum Metric helps organizations put customers at the heart of everything they do. The Quantum Metric platform empowers a customer-centric culture, helping business and technology teams align faster on customer needs and prioritize the opportunities that will drive the most value. Today, Quantum Metric captures insights from 29 percent of the world’s internet users, supporting globally recognized brands in retail, travel, financial services, and telecommunications. In January of 2021, Quantum Metric secured its place as a tech unicorn with an above $1 billion valuation and a $200 million Series B funding round. For more information about Quantum Metric, visit quantummetric.com

About airasia Super App 

The airasia super app is a one-stop travel, e-commerce and fin-tech platform offering consumers over 16 lines of products and services via the super app as well as airasia.com website. Powered by data and technology, the airasia super app leverages its digital ecosystem of 75 million users and 40 million downloads to generate personalised and seamless consumer experience in the digital new era. Users can also engage in real-time conversations, join like-minded communities, play games and much more. From travel needs to everyday lifestyle essentials, there is always something for everyone on the airasia super app. 

Download the airasia super app via the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.