Actionable Digital Experience Analytics

October 1, 2018 By: Rob Riccio

Today, there is no shortage of data for organizations to leverage when making decisions. In most cases, the amount of data available is overwhelming. It resides in multiple, siloed software solutions and bringing the data together into one repository (i.e. data warehouse) can be challenging. One obstacle that comes with combining a variety of datasets into a data warehouse is the amount of time and resources it takes – typically turning into quite a lengthy project. But in today’s fast paced economy, business users can’t wait for a project to be completed to get access to start digital experience analytics– they need it immediately in order to make well informed business decisions.

From a digital experience analytics perspective, there are a number of tools used to gain insight into how your channels are performing, including:

All of these tools are very good at letting you know “WHAT” is going on digitally with their respective data. For example, web analytics is very good at reporting on areas that you want to track and report on such as conversion and abandonment rates. A/B Testing is good at telling you which experiment or variation is performing better than another. Voice of Customer solutions are good at allowing your customers to provide feedback and tell you how they feel about your application. And, finally, Application Performance monitoring is really good at telling you how the technical stack and application is performing and what errors/exemptions are impacting the application.

It’s great to know “the WHAT,” however my customers have told me that it would be more impactful if they could also understand “the WHY.” For example, it’s great to know that 1,500 customers just abandoned at a key step in the Checkout Process, but it would be more important to know “WHY” so that the appropriate action can be taken to remedy the issue. Without knowing “WHY” a particular segment of customers failed, there is only conjecture and guessing at a solution.  This is why it is crucial to have a solution that provides actionable digital experience analytics quickly and easily.

One of my customers was utilizing an A/B testing tool to optimize their website. While they knew that test B was failing to contribute to a high conversion rate, they were still not understanding WHY and felt they had to guess at what should be tested next.

With a simple integration with Quantum Metric, the customer was then able to not only track all of their experiments and variations, but also:

  • Evaluate test results in real-time to ensure no new errors were introduced
  • Understand why a test failed via high fidelity session replay—was it a bad design or was there a bug?
  • Drive real business results by coordinating Product Managers, Developers, UX/UI Designers, and Business Owners in a single platform

The myriad of data solutions out there are only as helpful as the answers they can provide. To employ an actionable technology stack, an intelligent digital analytics solution must be incorporated.

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