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Happy 1 Year Anniversary, QMU!

September 3, 2020 By: Chauncy Cay Ford

Last summer we delivered Quantum Metric Teams, and that kicked off a theme. We not only developed our product, we invested in organizational collaboration and how various groups utilize the platform. By the end of Summer, on September 3rd, school started with the opening of Quantum Metric University (QMU). 

My original discovery and development process happened over the last decade at Dell, bringing those early learnings to QMU version 1. I knew we needed QMU; I didn’t know exactly what you, our customers, partners, as well as our QM Teams needed from QMU. That was our 2019 mission. To grow, develop, and iterate on (essentially to apply Continuous Product Design) Quantum Metric University. 

Learning together, we partnered with some of our new and long-time customers to develop the right content.

“So psyched to participate. Even though I feel like I can get around Quantum Metric well, the courses provided some very good insight on concepts. I actually had to go back and reread some of the Assessment questions that I got wrong… Great job!” said Marie St. Gelais, Business Intelligence Analyst at Compassion International.

QMU is my Product that I am continuously designing. My passion product. So with that passion, and the overwhelming support from our Customer Success team, partners at WorkRamp, and our Quantum Metric Product team, we’ve worked to build a better version 2 for you. We launched the new QMU this year at Leap, our inaugural user conference, on February 3rd, 2020 with an astounding response—we had to change our conference room locations the week before to avoid a fire hazard! 

Over half* of our customers, partners, and prospects (now customers) came a day early to take QMU Live and be the first class of graduate students in a group setting.

*56% of attendees came a day early to learn more about Quantum Metric by attending one of two QMU Live sessions.

One of our long-time customers said, “This is literally why I flew out here… this is so great!” Kristi Olson, Deluxe

In 2019 we certified 103 people. In one year, that number has grown to 390 people with 675 total certifications in our community of 1469 active students!

It all started with our:

You wanted better navigation, progress indicators, automated certification, and badging. You wanted options for training on-demand, by feature, and by value. To discover your own insights, a platform for continuous learning in order to unlock the Quantum Magic yourself. 

“Quantum has been added to our training manual for anyone in Analytics. All new hires must learn it as part of their role and we will start requiring them to complete QMU.” – Manager, Analytics & Implementation, Retail

Thank you to our growing Quantum Metric University Community—our QMUnity for Continuous Product Design. Let’s celebrate your success, and continue to build better—together! Not yet a certified QMUnity member? Check out the latest QMU here.

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