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New Gartner recognition: Market Guide for Web, Product and Digital Experience Analytics

June 2, 2020 By: Christine Tran

We’re so pleased to share that Quantum Metric has been included in Gartner’s new report: Market Guide for Web, Product and Digital Experience Analytics, by Melissa Davis, Jason Wong, and Brent Stewart. If you’re a Gartner client, you can read the full report here.

“Digital analytics markets are colliding and converging as vendors blur the lines between categories such as web analytics and product analytics.”

We’re happy to be featured in this market guide again because it’s been expanded to include product analytics. The inclusion of product analytics is significant because it represents a differentiated solution for digital teams that are focused on driving both end-user and business outcomes.

How does Gartner define Web, Product, and Digital Experience Analytics?

According to Gartner:

  • Web analytics are used to understand and improve digital CX, attract and retain users, and analyze operations. Web analytics have been around the longest and are most widely adopted.
  • Product analytics are used by digital product managers and product teams to understand and improve end-user outcomes. Product analytics have been around for years, but mainly used by digital-natives and startups. Product analytics are seeing mainstream adoption as traditional companies—in retail, banking, insurance, and travel—shift from IT-driven project delivery to business and technical-driven product design and delivery.
  • Digital analytics, or session replay analytics, are used to gain diagnostic insights into visitor activity on web and mobile apps. The original session replay vendor was Tealeaf (later sold to IBM) and founded by Robert Wenig who is now on Quantum Metric’s advisory board (See Our Story.)

Use cases for web, product, and digital experience analytics tools

Where does Quantum Metric fit in?

The market guide includes 18 representative vendors, classified in one or more categories. Quantum Metric was classified as a product analytics and digital experience analytics tool. No vendor was classified as all three. Yet 🙂

We’re happy to be uniquely positioned at the intersection of product and digital experience analytics. When we talk to our customers, what we hear often is how we help align their business and technical teams with a shared view of how their digital products impact customers. It’s our real-time, quantified insight into customer behaviors that help digital teams learn, deliver, and iterate faster.

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