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White Paper: Eight Practices for Continuous Product Design

December 10, 2020 By: Guest Author

Dan Murray has been applying digital strategy and technology to solve meaningful business problems for more than 20 years. He is currently the CEO of Marcel, Publicis Groupe. Previously, Dan was the Chief Digital Officer at Bed Bath & Beyond and Vice President at SapientNitro.

The first time I learned about Quantum Metric’s vision

Three years ago, while I was the Chief Digital Officer for a F500 retailer, I had the fortune of meeting Mario Ciabarra, CEO of Quantum Metric. I had seen the Quantum Metric product in a sales meeting previously and was blown away. As I strode across the cafeteria to get a soda from a vending machine, my friend and Head of Product called to me and insisted that I meet him, adding “He is the real deal. He knows his stuff…. technically and pragmatically.” I don’t usually hear that about the CEO of a potential vendor so I was intrigued.

In meeting Mario and in the business relationship and friendship that followed, I realized that he and Quantum Metric are really the Real Deal. It was clear to me that Mario had a vision for a better way to understand and improve the customer experience (as well as the software platform to deliver on that vision). I became a customer of Quantum Metric, partially because of this vision and partly because the platform itself was already eons ahead of its competitors.

Customers and speed are at the heart of Continuous Product Design

Fast forward to 2020: Mario and his team came to me and asked me to help them put into words how I approached Continuous Product Design (which was so much easier to do once Quantum Metric entered the picture by the way). A conversation turned into a few rough notes and those notes somehow turned into a deep dive white paper!

Download the white paper here: Continuous Product Design: Eight Practices to help Digital Product Teams Learn and Iterate Faster

This white paper is a culmination of hundreds of conversations that Mario and I have had with business, product, and technical leaders—including Quantum Metric customers—who care deeply about two things: customers and speed.

What we mean is: truly understanding and solving for customers’ problems in a meaningful way and the speed needed to learn, implement, iterate, and change.

Continuous Product Design (CPD) is really about constant learning and understanding your customer—how they use your products and services and their needs—at an organizational level.

Who should read the CPD white paper and why

We wrote this white paper for business, product, and technical leaders who want to transform their organizations with digital strategy and technology, put the customers at the core of everything they do, and do it with greater speed and confidence.

We also wrote it for Quantum Metric customers who’ve been asking for more details on how to use the Quantum Metric platform to better achieve CPD.

In this white paper, you’ll learn:

  • How we’ve defined Continuous Product Design (CPD), the problem it solves, and how it builds on agile/DevOps/Continuous Delivery
  • Eight practices required to achieve CPD, including what it looks like in an immature to mature state
  • A fictional scenario illustrating how CPD works “in real life”
  • A conceptual technology ecosystem to enable CPD

We hope you’ll find that CPD is a transformative set of practices that, when mastered and enabled with the right tools, culture, and processes, will result in better products, better customer experiences, and better business results!

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