Empathy by design. ™

Make products people your purpose.

Continuously design better retail experiences for the humans who need them.

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digital insights

Operate more efficiently, and with customer focus.

Continuous Product Design is a cross-team approach to building better digital products, faster. By connecting customer signals to every phase of the digital product lifecycle, teams can access insights faster, maximize retention and loyalty, and improve return on ad spend.

Traditional DevOps loop vs. Expanded CPD loop.

Gain organizational
shopper alignment.

A new Harvard Business Review Analytic Services report explores how CPD enables top retailers to drive business change.

88 percent of executives describe "a complete and consistent view of their customers across channels and platforms" as essential to their future success.
digital insights

How do you improve every step of the shopper journey?

Quantum Metric helps retailers identify revenue-impacting opportunities with real-time, quantified customer insights across their websites, mobile apps, and kiosks.

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Danny Ryder
“Quantum Metric has helped lululemon systematically chip away at checkout errors, which has had a multi-tens of millions of dollars in revenue impact.”
Danny Ryder | Chief Digital Officer

Real-time shopper insights. Quantified business impact.

Find out how top retailers use Quantum Metric to proactively discover and resolve customers friction faster—in both web and mobile.

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