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December 13, 2021

Quantum Metric Introduces Embedded Replay for the Qualtrics Platform

Post by: Lori Niquette

Offers industry leading integration of session replay within the Qualtrics XM Platform™ 

Colorado Springs, Colorado – (Dec. 8, 2021) Quantum Metric, the pioneer in Continuous Product Design, today announced Embedded Replay for the Qualtrics platform, an integration of Quantum Metric session replay within the Qualtrics XM Platform. The new integration delivers real-time understanding of customer behaviors, sentiment and intent, tightening what is already a critical customer workflow for both companies. This enables customers to discover improvements in the digital experience quickly, reducing the time to gather insights and take action.

“Businesses today need to be able to empathize with their customers,” said Bryce Winkelman, Chief Strategy and Business Officer of Quantum Metric. “Our close relationship with Qualtrics has already allowed us to deliver significant value to the businesses we support by connecting customer feedback to the cause of that feedback. With Embedded Replay, we are going one step further, using quantified empathy to understand customer needs, the “why” behind them, and the business impact within a single platform.”

Embedded Replay allows organizations to leverage Qualtrics’ experience management capabilities to understand trends in customer feedback at scale and easily pivot to Quantum Metric’s session replay to watch the digital user experience, all without leaving the Qualtrics user interface. This new dashboard view seamlessly combines experience data from Qualtrics, with visual session replay data from Quantum Metric, giving companies more valuable customer insights.

“Great experiences create competitive advantages for any organization,” said R.J. Filipski, Global Head of Ecosystem at Qualtrics. “Our integration with Quantum Metric will help companies deliver differentiated digital experiences, which are critical to attracting and retaining loyal customers today.”

Other key features include: 

  • Unified View: Embedded Replay is available as a fully customizable Qualtrics Dashboard Widget, with replays now visible directly within the qualtrics dashboard.
  • Codeless Integration: For existing Quantum Metric & Qualtrics users, the Embedded Replay SDK only takes a few clicks to set-up before providing instant value on existing insights. 
  • Secure & Seamless Access: Tokenized authentication and default encryption protocols ensure that no PII is exposed while eliminating the need for Qualtrics users to authenticate into Quantum Metric to view session replays.
  • Replay Search & Anomaly Detection: Use natural language text or Quantum Metric’s pre-built anomaly detection within the Qualtrics dashboard widget to skip to key moments within the customer journey.

“The integration of Quantum Metric session replay directly into our Qualtrics dashboard is a game changer,” said Alissa Rabat, Senior Analyst, Digital Insights at United Airlines. “Our teams are now able to save critical time and resources, expand on our understanding of customer pain points, and identify better solutions, quicker.”

Darline Bui, Sr. Digital Analyst for VoC at Tapestry said, “This integration will save our team valuable time by allowing them to easily identify friction points without having to jump between the Quantum Metric and Qualtrics’ platforms.” 

“Embedding Quantum Metric into the Qualtrics platform makes it easier than ever to get to the heart of our customer needs,” said Den Williams, Digital Optimisation Manager at Brittany Ferries. “We are able to not only see our customers’ frustrations, but quickly understand why they are happening in the first place.”

Embedded Replay is available to existing Qualtrics users through the Qualtrics Marketplace. Learn more about this first-of-its-kind integration at Quantum Metric’s annual conference Quantum LEAP Feb 7-9. Visit www.quantumleapcon.com for more information and to register.

About Quantum Metric

As the pioneer in Continuous Product Design, Quantum Metric helps organizations put customers at the heart of everything they do. The Quantum Metric platform empowers a customer-centric culture, using quantified empathy to align business and technical teams to effectively prioritize customers needs based on business impact. Today, Quantum Metric captures insights from 20 percent of the world’s internet users, supporting nationally recognized brands in ecommerce and retail, travel, financial services and telecommunications. In January of 2021, Quantum Metric secured its place as the first tech unicorn of the year with an above $1 billion valuation and a $200 million Series B funding round. For more information about Quantum Metric, visit www.quantummetric.com.