UNTUCKit increases conversions by 20%.

Partnering with Quantum Metric and Dynamic Yield, UNTUCKit quickly learned how different types of customers engage with their site and built a more personalized experience for every shopper.








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69% increase in engagement

20% increase in conversions

21% reduction in lost mobile engagement

Finding the right fit.

Prior to using Quantum Metric, the team at UNTUCKIt used more traditional analytics to track customer behavior and build hypotheses about their shoppers’ needs. Wanting to go deeper in its analysis, UNTUCKit implemented Dynamic Yield’s Primary Audience and partnered with Quantum Metric to access a more in-depth understanding of testing results from Dynamic Yield and build more informed hypotheses regarding customer behavior. 

Pulling test results into the Quantum Metric platform, the retailer could now take a closer look into how different page features, descriptions, and layouts influence where and how consumers choose to engage and identify where they can expand on customer interest. 

“Using Quantum Metric with Dynamic Yield, we have more information at the ready, allowing us to quickly understand the impact of testing. The bigger impact, however, is our ability to understand the why behind testing results and through that better understand our customers. ”

Joe Wool/Senior Manager Ecommerce

Filtering customer pain points. 

For example, on every product page UNTUCKit has filters helping shoppers to personalize their search by size, color, and material. Using Quantum Metric’s page-level monitoring feature, UNTUCKit found users who engaged with the filters feature converted at double the rate as compared to users that didn’t engage with the filters at all. 

So, how do you get more customers to use the filters? Using Quantum Metric’s session replay, UNTUCKit discovered that customers using the filter feature were primarily searching by “size” and “fit.” However, those filters were located on the far right of the page and could be easily missed. 

In response, the UNTUCKit team launched a test with Dynamic Yield to see how increasing the size of the filter feature, as well as reordering the filters so that “size” and “fit” appeared first, would impact the customer experience. Test results showed a significant increase in customer satisfaction and revenue sized at an annual opportunity of over $1 million.


Working with Quantum Metric and Dynamic Yield, UNTUCKit was able to test and optimize its experience across customer channels, resulting in:

  • Improved device-specific experiences that supported a 20% increase in conversions across web, and 21% reduction in potentially lost engagement on mobile.
  • A 69% increase in engagement with low intent users for UNTUCKit’s fit finder, supporting a 3% increase in revenue per user for this customer group.

“It’s about going beyond general customer metrics, to building an understanding of every customer who visits our site. Quantum Metric provides this and empowers my team to take action that will support long-term revenue and conversion growth.”

Julie Mares/Head of eCommerce and Omnichannel Experience

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