Mapping the Digital Customer Experience Journey

January 8, 2019 By: Zoe McCook


A customer has to go through a series of steps on your website or mobile app in order to get to a desired conclusion. Whether booking a flight, purchasing a jacket, or requesting a quote, a customer must follow a specific path to reach their digital destination. Customer Journey Analysis allows you to map that path out so that you can understand if your customers are able to access your products/services as fast and easy as possible. If the journey is too long or complicated, customers will get frustrated and leave.

But how to you manage analysis with hundreds of unique pages? Funnels allow you to detail the steps of each specific journey and enables teams to discover areas of drop off and highlight optimization opportunities.

By monitoring and reviewing the the digital customer experience journey from your users point of view, you can begin to understand what motivates them to move on to the next step or to abandon. Paired with the power of Quantum Metric’s Digital Experience Intelligence Platform, you can surface meaningful insights to influence upgrades to your customer journey.


Quantum Metric’s Funnel DNA uncovers suspect issues impacting conversion

Answer important questions, including:

Why are my users dropping off?

As we have noted before, knowing the “what” is a given but understanding the “why” is crucial to being able to remedy any issues. Pinpoint the exact funnel drop-off location using out-of-the-box analytics to understand if this is a an issue of confusing UI or a technical error.

How are my most loyal users impacted?

Identify the differences in behavior based on customer loyalty–are more loyal customers exiting with the average visitor? An issue may be only impacting a small percentage of users, but if it is affecting your most loyal customers then you want to prioritize its fix so that you maintain that strong loyalty contingent.

What are my users actually doing?

Seeing what your customers saw with your own eyes makes all the difference. Session replay allows you to validate each granular step, confusion point, and success patterns of each individual digital customer experience journey.

Always try to put yourself in your users’ shoes to understand if your path to transaction is clear, simple, and a true success. Need visibility into your digital customer experience journey? Ask us for a demo today.

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