Norfolk Southern takes a data driven approach to journey optimization.

The transportation company partners with Quantum Metric and Macquarium to improve digital customer service.






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Improved UX.

Empowered agent support.

Optimizing client portal experiences.

The Norfolk Southern team prioritized transforming their client portal to better enable customers to take quick actions, have greater transparency into railcars en-route, and overall reduce time and frustration in using the site. 

In order to uncover and quantify opportunities which have the greatest impact, Norfolk Southern and its CX agency Macquarium leveraged Quantum Metric to identify issues, design solutions, then develop, implement, test and launch quickly.

Norfolk Southern deployed Quantum Metric across its client portal to capture session data and provide real-time monitoring of user behavior. With that visibility, Norfolk Southern and Macquarium conducted a 4 week trial to identify opportunities to enhance the customer experience. The trial included members of teams at Norfolk Southern from Customer, UX/Design and IT/Development. The study evaluated potential improvements to the customer experience across:

  • Improved user journeys / repetitive paths
  • Elevation of UX best practices for clear resolution enablement
  • Optimized UX design for alert management
  • Prioritized roadmap of projects, based on impact on customer experience


  • Quicker new user access: Automated client registration process that reduces approval time from 7 days to 1 day.
  • Improved user experience: Complete elimination of errors causing page load delays (e.g. API not loading, long running spinners, etc.)
  • Persona-based journeys: Understanding the repetitive paths and tasks to be completed for each persona allows for personalized.
  • Empowered agents: Having real-time access to session replays enable call center agents to better support customers by seeing what they see.